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our dream was to create something inclusive to everyone. lately with everything going on we wanted to show our support of different communities. as we are a black and asian owned business we wanted to give people of color a platform.

we were highly involved with fashion, as it is one crucial way of describing who we are to the outside world without having to say a single word.

the idea of Y2k Clubz was first born because it was so hard finding Y2k clothing. we are shoppers and customers too and we could not find affordable quality Y2k wear. we wanted you to have accessibility to quality Y2k wear.

in 2019 we started our company and since then we are working hard to bring you the best quality at an affordable pricing. making Y2k clothing accessible to you




we believe what we're doing is a unique approach of spreading Y2k culture globally.
all our products are top quality due to precise sewing and design. each piece is handmade and carefully inspected to ensure the quality before packaging and sending them out to you.
each item offered at Y2k Clubz is made with love and careful consideration. our products are all the highest quality possible because our dedicated team that works on Y2k Clubz knows our mission and will put 100% effort to reach our company goal with us.